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CAAFI Assistant Director Details

Job Title

CAAFI Assistant Director


CAAFI Commerical Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative




115 - 180 $/hr

CAAFI Commerical Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative

Job Description & Requirements

Job Description

CAAFI Assistant Director (AD) Roles and Responsibilities (CY2024)
1. The AD will work collaboratively with the CAAFI Executive Director (ED) on defining and executing work programs that deliver on the following, in close consultation (receiving direction, advice and consent) with CAAFI’s sponsors, Administrative Leadership Team (ALT) and Steering Group (SG).
a. Coordinate with ALT to develop priorities/action areas and strategic initiatives.
b. Assist ED to oversee other CAAFI staff (Communications Director, etc.) and activities.
c. Support convening of broad exchanges of information, via appropriate fora, among SAF stakeholders including aviation industry, academia, fuel producer, feedstock supplier, non-governmental organization, investors, and government.
d. Communicate CAAFI perspectives on SAF to the press, at conferences, workshops, and other venues.
e. Assist with strategic visioning and support CAAFI General Meeting planning and execution.
f. Serve as a bridge across public, private and non-profit organizations and formal and informal networks.
i. Provide thought leadership, project management support, and strategic guidance to advance the deployment of SAF in the United States.
ii. Provide information resources and independent, credible and expert technical support to the SAF community.
iii. Facilitate engagement between supply chain entities (e.g., airlines, fuel producers, feedstock producers, other service suppliers) to support SAF deployment efforts.
1. Implement CAAFI’s role in SAF Grand Challenge activities.
2. Support engagement with new supply chain stakeholders (e.g,. emerging companies) to facilitate their entry into the SAF space (e.g., through R&D/ Certification/Qualification team).
iv. Support ongoing efforts by ASTM international on evaluation and approval of new SAFs.
v. Serve on regional project boards (e.g., NIFA CAP grant programs).
g. Support business relations, serve as an impartial facilitator, and ensure adherence to legal and ethical standards.
i. Maintain CAAFI’s process and feedstock neutral approach to SAF.
ii. Provide strategic guidance to CAAFI's Work Teams as well as Federal interagency, state/regional, and international initiatives such as Canadian C-SAF, German aireg, and others.
iii. Support development and execution of CAAFI goals and priorities in collaboration with sponsors and Steering Group.
iv. Support implementation of CAAFI activities to support USG goals and priorities (e.g., SAF Grand Challenge).
v. Support management of CAAFI leadership team, steering group and team lead member recruitment and engagement.
h. Support sponsor engagement in domestic and international forums on SAF.
i. Support CAAFI ED in delegating activities as appropriate to CAAFI Regional Director, Communications lead, and other ALT and Steering Group members.
j. Administrative responsibilities:
i. Regular ALT, Steering Group, and other teleconferences with teams and working groups under CAAFI.
ii. Monthly reports, Trip reports, Accounting and expense documentation.
2. The Assistant Director will take ownership of (crafting, leading, executing, and reporting) various projects assigned by the ED, and will propose additional projects and activities based on their insight and experience.
3. The AD is anticipated to demonstrate their willingness, aptitude, initiative, and capability to succeed the current Executive Director (ED) within a reasonable time from their start date (ideally by start of 2025, but based on concurrence with the ED, ALT, and Steering Group). ED and AD will work collaboratively to enable the AD to have the knowledge, confidence, and experience to move into the role as part of a smooth succession planning process (with the full support and encouragement of the current ED).

Job Requirements

1. Candidates of consideration need to have 20 years or more of general industry experience in one or more (ideally several) of the following areas, or 15 years or more of pertinent or specific industry experience in the following areas:
• Aviation sector (Commercial, Military, Business, General)
• Fuels sector (petroleum-based, sustainable aviation fuels).
• Public Private Partnerships: Previous engagement with CAAFI, ASCENT, ASTM, ICAO, and/or other key SAF-related organizations/venues, including the various agencies of the U.S. Government who are collaborating on the SAF Grand Challenge.
• Business Development (Including new businesses, facilities, supply chains, feedstocks, sustainability)
• Communications-facing roles
2. Candidates should have academic degrees commensurate with the above types of experience.
3. Candidates must be able to demonstrate good communication and logic skills, as well as being proficient in use of personal computer tools and social media in developing and disseminating communication collateral, and various support analysis.

Additional Delighters:
Candidates should have an inquisitive and gregarious personality, with substantiable operational experience and understanding in several of the following areas:
• Aviation sector fundamentals (e.g., business models/economics, aircraft operations, equipment and jet fuel certification, relationships among airlines, operators, OEMs, airports, etc.)
• Jet fuel specifications, production, procurement, distribution, handling and use.
• Historical and current SAF activities, including previous engagement with CAAFI, ASCENT, FAA, ASTM, and/or other key SAF-related venues.
• Engineering/Technical knowledge: aircraft systems (engines, fuels systems), refinery operations, chemistry, laboratory testing

Application Instructions

Serious applicants must provide a CV and a brief cover letter outlining your distinctions for the role. Responses should be sent to [email protected], entitled Applicant ED or Applicant PD as appropriate. General inquiries or requests for further information will be addressed following full vetting of the serious applicants. All responses and enquiries will be held in confidence. We look forward to receiving highly capable and qualified applications.

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