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Baere Aerospace Consulting, Inc.

Woman-owned business providing fuel and lubricant support on aerospace systems. We contribute to program design and implementation from engineering design and test support, through deployment. By providing technical expertise on a wide variety of products impacted by organic compatibility, customers can increase productivity, reduce the cost of poor quality, and minimize consumable inventories. While there are chemical experts, field use experts, and design experts, there are few people who have the background to work across the disciplines. We have that unique breadth. We also have a network involved in agriculture, providing insight into the relationship of energy crop productivity and trait specificity for aviation and aerospace fuels

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Illinois Crop Improvement

Develop and validate the ideal performance characteristics, chemistry composition and processing methods of your niche-market grains with Illinois Crop Improvement’s dynamic Identity Preserved Grain (IPG) Lab services. Whether you’re breeding or growing for dry milling, wet milling, oilseed crushing, feed production or any number of other specialty applications, Illinois Crop has the expertise to support you in the optimization of your systems and results.

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Integrated Bioprocessing Research Laboratory

IBRL is a pilot-scale processing facility designed to help industry get bioprocessing projects get from bench through pilot scale. Our core competencies include (but are not limited to) precision fermentation, solid-liquid separations, biomass pretreatment, commodity fractionations, and wet chemistry analytics.

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Penn State Center for Biorenewables

The Penn State Center for Biorenewables facilitates interdisciplinary research in the area of bio-based energy, products, and systems.

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The University of Tennessee-Center for Renewable Carbon

The Center for Renewable Carbon, in the University of Tennessee, Institute of Agriculture, is an internationally recognized leader in the development of new and/or improved bioenergy sources, biorefinery processes, bioproducts, and biomaterials that coordinates the science, knowledge transfer, and trains the workforce required to develop a sustainable and economically viable bioeconomy.

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Thomas Scientific

For 120+ years, Thomas Scientific has provided the latest in equipment and supplies to the science community. In accordance with the tradition of the original founders, Thomas Scientific provides individualized customer service, innovative scientific equipment, and a comprehensive portfolio offering a wide selection of product listings at a great deal. More than just a distributor, our experts serve as active consultants for complex scientific workflows. We offer an array of service solutions, including Thomas Inventory Management Solutions (custom VMI solutions), equipment financing, and more.

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University of Nebraska-Industrial Agricultural Products Center

Our mission is to improve the agricultural economy by developing new uses for biological materials. The Center focuses on post-harvest processing to produce renewable chemicals, polymers and fuels. We work closely with entrepreneurs and private industry from the initial stages of research to final production. Our goal is to develop bio-based products and processing techniques that enhance the agricultural economy. our services included: fermentation, extraction, evaporation centrifugation, extrusion, lipid extraction, filtration, and associated analytical characterization. We Research, Design, and Engineer your ideas into new products.

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Verder Scientific Inc.

The SCIENTIFIC Division of the VERDER Group sets standards in high-tech equipment for quality control, research and development of solid matter. The fields of activity cover sample preparation of solids as well as analysis technologies. The well-known Verder Scientific companies have served research institutions, analytical laboratories as well as manufacturing companies in quality control and process applications for many decades with ever more sophisticated and reliable products which offer the solution to their individual task.

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