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Linde is a leading global industrial gases and engineering company. We live our mission of making our world more productive by providing technologies and services to help sustain, decarbonize and protect our planet. Our company is committed to supporting sustainable aviation fuel production, which may decrease carbon emissions by up to 80% throughout its lifespan compared to traditional fuel. The extent of the reduction depends on the type of feedstock used, including biomass and municipal solid waste. To help achieve this, Linde produces and distributes nitrogen, oxygen and low carbon intensity hydrogen, and offers carbon capture systems and storage technologies to reduce Linde’s carbon footprint.

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New Legacy Technologies

New Legacy Technologies is a producer of Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide (syngas) from biomass and wastes. Our core technology is a proven, flexible, efficient, and proprietary gasification process. The syngas is a renewable energy source for many other products such as jet fuel, diesel, and chemicals.

Optical Scientific

Optical Scientific has been developing optical flow sensors (OFS) for industry and Government agencies for over 30 years. OFS is unique because our patented technology is looking at fluctuations in light and thermal Turbulence. OFS measurement technique is unaffected by and does not have to compensate for changes in temperature, pressure, gas density or gas concentrations. OFS technology has proven successful in a variety of challenging applications that include high temperatures, high and variable opacity and dust concentrations, including Flare Stacks, Thermal Oxidizers, wet scrubbers, carbon capture, incinerators, primary/secondary air ducts, bag houses or similar processes with entrained / suspended liquid droplets.

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