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On Top of SAF

BY Susanne Retka Schill As one of the industry’s leading SAF process technology providers, Topsoe believes all possible pathways are needed—but for most, investment costs remain high. READ MORE

A Major Upgrade

BY Anna Simet The newly renovated Biomass Feedstock National User Facility aims to serve as a vital industry partner as the most complete feedstock preprocessing R&D facility in the world. READ MORE

Fundamentals and the Future

BY Katie Schroeder At the National Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel Summit, industry experts discussed the complexities of the current sustainable aviation fuel industry, as well as opportunities and challenges for the industry in the years ahead. READ MORE


SPOTLIGHT | SAF Feedstock Flexibility via Pretreatment

BY SAF Magazine With the distinct knowhow that BDI BioEnergy has gained regarding oils and fats in general since the early 1990s, the company knows all the critical factors and is able to provide appropriate, tailor-made solutions. READ MORE

SPOTLIGHT | A SAF Pair of Hands: Partnerships Crucial in Fast-Growing Industry

BY Milica Folić The rapidly growing SAF industry has quickly attracted a host of entrants from established energy and fuel companies, but there are few maps in this uncharted territory to guide producers to certain success. READ MORE

Navigating the Financial Skyways: Financing SAF Projects in the US

BY Todd Taylor The pivot to SAF is not just a matter of overcoming technical and logistical roadblocks—it requires navigating an intricate financial labyrinth. READ MORE

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BY SAF Magazine News from SAF Magazine Issue 2, 2023 READ MORE